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Google Slides “You’re in Treble” Escape Room (Music)



Combine a Google Slides “Bitmoji Classroom” with a Google Forms “Response Validation” challenge in this DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOM Activity (ready to play AND customizable options included)!!

This “You’re in Treble” puzzle is designed for beginning to intermediate treble clef note readers (the answer to the lock is “FACE”), but it can be customized for students of any age or in any discipline.

Need a quick time-filler at the end of a Zoom class? Send students to breakout rooms and use the included “Ready-to-Play” link for a fun, no-prep activity.

Want a bigger challenge? (Or maybe you just want to see “under the hood” of a new kind of digital escape room?) You also receive an editable copy of this Google Slides file that you can customize any way you want – plus a template link for the Google Form “lock” as well. And inside of the Slides file is a linked tutorial video that explains how ot edit and customize the activity for your own students!

Basically, in this single Google Slides file, you have everything you need to share – or create – your own virtual escape room activity (Bitmoji characters optional)


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