WRESA Digital Escape Room Workshop

April 22, 2021

Workshop Links

Click the button below to join our Zoom session. 
Once the workshop is completed, a workshop recording will be posted in the space below.)

Note:  This is the un-edited workshop recording in the Zoom cloud.

Click the button above for access to a Google Slides presentation that contains links and activities for the workshop.

Workshop Prequisites

Want to brush up on some basic Google Skills before our workshop on Thursday?  These mini-courses contain prerequisite skills that will NOT be covered specifically in our workshop, but that WILL be very helpful for you to brush up on beforehand.  (Hint hint)

You have already been pre-registered into these courses with your email address (as your username) and the password you used to access this page.  Just click on the “See More” buttons to view and log in to each mini online workshop.

Additional Resources

Additional worksheets, handouts, links, and an online Escape Room training course for your further learning and development…. COMING SOON!

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